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QuickLook is a web application that allows you to create a comprehensive package of marketing materials for each of your listings. It's easy and it's fast – about five minutes per listing. And you can use it free for one listing. Sign up now for free – no credit card required.

QuickLook provides:

QuickLook is free for one listing and paid plans start at just $10 per month for up to 10 listings.


Mobile Website

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More and more people are using their phones to gather information. That's especially true when prospects see one of your yard signs. QuickLook gives prospects the most important information about your listing in the most convenient way – on the phone they're holding in their hand. QuickLook is optimized for iPhone, Android and other platforms.

Traditional Website

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With QuickLook, each of your listings will have its own professionally designed website. From their desktop or laptop, prospective buyers will get the most important information about your listings, including an impressive photo gallery. The website also has a section devoted to the listing agent, complete with bio and contact information.

Facebook Distribution

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It's remarkably easy for anyone, including your sellers and their friends, to share QuickLook marketing materials on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. From a smart phone or your computer, all it takes is a couple of clicks. For the first time, you can quickly and easily leverage the enormous power of Facebook and other social networks.

Ready-to-Print Flyers

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In the age of smart phones and social media, there's often still a place for traditional real estate flyers. So, QuickLook makes it easy to generate the artwork you need to print a flyer. Just click one button and the artwork for your flyer is downloaded to your computer. You can print it on the printer in your office or send it off to a commercial printer.

sales materials

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To get the most from QuickLook, you need support materials. And getting those materials couldn't be easier. From your Listings Page in QuickLook, just click the button for Get Materials. From there, you can get anything you need in a single click, including:

how it works

Getting Your Listings Sold

getting your listings sold

Watch the video to learn more about how QuickLook helps you get your listings sold.

Getting More Listings

getting more listings

Watch the video to learn more about how QuickLook helps you get more listings.

View QuickLook Sample

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On your computer see the traditional website - on your phone see the mobile website.

Download Sample Flyer

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Download a ready-to-print flyer to print from your desktop or send to a professional printer.

get started

QuickLook is free for one listing. Sign up for your free account with just your name and email – no credit card required. If you want to use QuickLook for all your listings, upgrade to a paid plan (plans start at just $10 per month for up to 10 listings).